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Italeri Aircraft 1/72 Ju87B2/R2 Stuka German Bomber Kit

Italeri Aircraft 1/72 Ju87B2/R2 Stuka German Bomber Kit

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The JU-87 Stuka was the standard ground attack plane and dive bomber of the German Air Force at the beginning of WWII. In spite of its mediocre characteristics it achieved considerable fame through the psychological impact it had on the population and on the enemy forces. Never before has such massive employment of aircraft been experienced. The success of the Stukas during the first phase of the war was due to total air supremacy guaranteed by the Luftwaffe fighters which permitted the Stukas to operate without being disturbed by enemy aircraft. During the battle of Britain the myth of the JU-87 was re-dimensioned due to the supremacy of British fighter aircraft. Nevertheless the Stukas operated until the end of the war from the African theater to Russia.

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