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Takom's first Blitz kit due in August: The 35th scale Jagdtiger Sd.Kfz.186 Early/Late Production (2 in 1 kit)

As first announced a couple of weeks ago, Takom is preparing a new line of more efficient and quicker to make model kits called "Blitz" meant to bring the fun of a fast and easy build to the modeler, but sparing none of the details that Takom has been so well known for adding to their kits. Their first subject is the mighty Jagdtiger ("Hunting Tiger") Sd. Kfz. 186 - but for those of you who may well have lived in a bunker since  1942 a little of the history of this vehicle. History of the JagdtigerJagdtiger ("Hunting Tiger") is...

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Tamiya's New Minimum Advertised Price Program

A few days ago we received notice of Tamiya's new Minimum Advertised Price Program. Their program only allows hobby dealers to advertise and sell their products at a pre-set discounted price. This means that every hobby dealer can only sell their products at Tamiya's MAP price. Their rational on this program is to halt the massive unfettered discounting of their products in the marketplace. They feel this lessens the value of Tamiya products and harms their brand. We have been told by our suppliers that Tamiya will strictly enforce this program and any dealer not in accordance will not be...

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November 1st was an important day for our customers who are looking for a bargain. We're proud to announce, after surveying the current state of the marketplace, that we're lowering our prices on thousands of items we sell. This was done to maintain our competitive edge and allow our customers to receive the best deal on plastic models and accessories. All orders that were placed after November 1, 2017, have received our new low pricing model.  This is a leap of faith on our part by doing something so radical. We're hoping our customers will appreciate our commitment to offering...

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Buying From Foreign Sources Has Its Pitfalls

During one of our recent modeling club meetings, one of our members brought in a kit he just received from China. He just couldn’t contain himself from telling all in attendance the great deal he got overseas. The first thing I noticed was he only had a baggy containing the kit’s parts and instructions. I asked him, “Where was the box?” He stated, “Oh, I didn’t get a box just this baggy.” Umm, no box. We then started perusing the kit and it was then I noticed there were two of the same sprue, the right side fuselage. We looked through...

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