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Italeri Aircraft 1/72 B52H Stratofortress Bomber Kit

Italeri Aircraft 1/72 B52H Stratofortress Bomber Kit

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The B-52 Stratofortress is undoubtedly the most famous long-range strategic bomber in aviation history. Produced by the American company Boeing starting in 1955, it was, for decades, a symbol of the cold war and equipped many squadrons of the United Staes Air Force Strategic Air Command.  Produced in numerous versions, it has progressively evolved to better respond to changing operational needs. The B-52H is the latest variant of this famous American bomber. it features updated engines capable of guaranteeing greater flight economy and improved performance. Important updates have also been made in the onboard avionics, in ECM systems, and in weapon systems. A significant number of B-52Hs are still in active service with the USAF and have recently been used in Afghanistan.

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