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Our Mission

Hobby Model's mission is to provide personal hobby shop service to the world of the internet.  We understand the thrill of unboxing a new, prized model and value the products we sell and the relationships we build with you as our customer. Hobby Models strives to be more than just another retailer - we want to be your hobby partners.
We want to work with you to enjoy our hobby. As your partner, if you have a modeling question, need help selecting detail parts, or need the history of a model's prototype, please give us a call or send us an email.  Everybody on our staff - from our web development team to our shipping team, is a modeler of some sort. We'd love to connect with you and give you a hand.  Our goal is to offer full product lines.

We don't pick and choose the most popular items in a given brand - we sell it all.  Notice how some hobby shops never carry certain brands?  We don't discriminate based on profit margin.  We are here for you as a modeler to have access to the products you want. Can't find what you need on our website?  Please give us a call or send us an email - we will get the product you need (and will get it added to our website within 48 hours).