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Accion Press Vignettes A How-To Guide Diorama Book

Accion Press Vignettes A How-To Guide Diorama Book

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If you want to learn all of the secrets of expert composition and fabrication of scale vignettes, look no further than this book by master modeler Joaquín García Gázquez.

You will find detailed information on simple rules for scene development and compositional keys, how to make different kind of terrain, how to paint AFV and miniatures for vignettes in order to tell a story. Vignette is like a modeller´s Haiku, the vignette is based on the awe or emotion manifested in an original way and expressed using only a few items

  • 68 pages
  • More than 600 pictures
  • English (Spanish text shown)

Chapters Detailing:

  • Basic decoration tips
  • Proportions of the scene
  • A simple anecdote
  • Composing vignettes
  • Playing with the different heights and depths in a scene
  • Tilting the planes of perspective
  • Telling a story
  • Other approaches to vignettes
  • English (Spanish text shown)

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