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Academy Aircraft 1/48 Su27 Flanker Fighter Kit

Academy Aircraft 1/48 Su27 Flanker Fighter Kit


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Much of the SU-27's performance must be credited to its superb AL-31F engines which are rated at 12,500Kg(27,550lb) thrust in after-burner stage. The engines which are easy to maintain and interchangeable between left and right, have a tremendous tolerance to several disturbed air flow.

It is this feature that allows the engines to run smoothly while the Flanker performs these unusual maneuvers. Unlike earlier short-lived Soviet jet engines, the AL-31F engines have a life of 3,000 hours based on 100 hour engine checks and 1,000 hour overhauls. This is fully comparable to the best the west can offer.

Armed with four R-73 AA-73 Archer missiles for short range combat and an array of R-27 IR-homing long range missiles, the SU-27 also carries the same internal GSh-30-1 30mm cannon used by the MIG-29, Firing at a rate of 1,500 rounds per minute, the cannon barrels only have a life expectancy of 80 seconds before they must be replaced.

The SU-27 Flanker, together with the MIG-29 give Russia air combat capability that is certainly equal to but most likely superior to that presently available to the west.
  • Recessed panel lines & rivets.
  • Photo-etched super-detailing parts.
  • Raised-letter P.V.C tires.
  • Authentic decals included

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