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Academy Aircraft 1/48 F4C USAF Fighter Vietnam Kit

Academy Aircraft 1/48 F4C USAF Fighter Vietnam Kit

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This striking replica of the McDonnell Douglas, two seat, twin engine, all weather, supersonic jet has been reproduced with impressive attention to realism.

It begins with authentic cockpit and ejection seat detailing. The model’s exterior features accurate main gear wells and a set of wheels and tires that are molded separately for hassle-free finishing.

>Realism is reinforced with positionable rudder and speed brakes. The canopies can be built open or closed. Attention to the little things can be seen in the optional boarding ladder and included crew figures.

Among the kit’s weapons are the AIM-9B Sidewinder and AIM-7D/E Sparrow missiles. There are also well contoured reproductions of the aircraft’s unique external wing and center line fuel tanks. One set of aircraft markings are in the kit, and those are for Colonel Robin Olds, a fighter ace and a legendary wing commander in Vietnam. A set of stencils and markings for weapons are included as well.

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