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Academy Aircraft 1/72 F4F4 Wildcat USN Fighter Kit

Academy Aircraft 1/72 F4F4 Wildcat USN Fighter Kit

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When the Japanese attacked the United States in 1941, the most modern fighter in the Navy was the Grumman F4F Wildcat.

Although the Wildcat was small. it was not as fast or maneuverable as the Japanese Zero fighter, but it was a very durable machine. However, in the hands of an experienced pilot, the Wildcat could best the feared Zero and the little Grumman fighter held its own against the enemy until the more powerful Hellcat was available about a year later.

The Wildcat had a top speed of 320 mph at 18,800 feet. It was armed with six. 50 cal machine guns and could carry bombs and, in later versions, five inch rockets.
  • Fully engraved panel lines.
  • Highly detailed cockpit interior and landing gear compartment.
  • Optional position wings and landing gear.

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