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Academy Aircraft 1/72 OV10A Bronco Fighter Kit

Academy Aircraft 1/72 OV10A Bronco Fighter Kit

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The Rockwell International OV-10A Bronco was the winner of a competition to provide the U.S.A.F., the NAVY, and the Marine Corps with a Light Armed Reconnaissance Aircraft (LARA).

Designed as a counter-insurgency (COIN) plane the OV-10A was first delivered to the Armed Forces in 1969 and saw extensive duty in Vietnam.

OV-10A can take off from short airstrips or can be fitted with floats or skis for more varied uses. It is fitted carry a wide variety of weapons but is more often used when equipped with doppler radar or TV reconnaissance apparatus.

A cargo compartment underneath the middle of the wing can hold five paratroops or more than 3,000 pounds of freight.
  • Fully Engraved Panel Lines & Rivet Detail.
  • Highly Detailed Cockpit Interior.
  • Various Under-Wing Weaponry included.
  • Includes High Quality Decal.

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