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Cyber-Hobby Ships 1/700 USS Freedom LCS1 Littoral Combat Ship Smart Kit

Cyber-Hobby Ships 1/700 USS Freedom LCS1 Littoral Combat Ship Smart Kit


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The US Navy (USN) created a revolutionary concept when it listed the requirements for its new Littoral Combat Ships (LCS), naval craft designed to operate in coastal waters against both underwater and surface threats. Two completely different designs were created by competing American consortiums, with LCS-1 being the lead ship designed by Lockheed Martin. The ship possesses a semi-planing monohull and it’s capable of moving at an astonishing speed of 45 knots. USS Freedom (LCS-1) was commissioned on November 8 2008, and it’s currently based in San Diego, California. The ship is 115m long and it displaces 3,000 tonnes. A key aspect of its design is interchangeable mission modules that allow the vessel to quickly change its mission parameters. State-of-the-art systems mean a crew of only 40 sailors is required to operate USS Freedom.

Cyber-Hobby created a fine 1/700 scale plastic model of this ship, accurately capturing the angular lines of the sleek vessel. The kit makes use of brand new toolings to accurately portray LCS-1. Modelers will find that the well-engineered parts precisely fit together, and as to be expected, they can choose to put together either a waterline or full-hull version. With Cyber-Hobby already having produced identically scaled models of LCS-2 and LCS-4, modelers will be able to compare the two competing designs first hand themselves. This model of USS Freedom gives modelers the ultimate freedom to create a miniature masterpiece!

- COMBATSS-21 Combat Management System Included
- One-piece slide molded superstructure accurately presented
- SKWS Decoy Launchers realistically reproduced
- Photo-etched safety netting surrounds the flight deck
- Detailed flight deck includes signal lights
- Newly tooled rolling airframe missle system reproduced
- Delicate integrated communications suite w/authentic 3D Radar
- Realistically detailed gun barrel w/hollow muzzle
- Mk 110 57mm dual-purpose gun authentically reproduced
- MH-60S helicopter is conveniently constructed
- Realistic hangar door included
- Intricate stern ramp molded on hull rear
- Waterjets w/accurate details
- One-piece slide-molded lower hull available
- Waterline or full version can be assembled
- Display stand included for display of full-hull version

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