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Dragon Military 1/72 M3A2 ODS Bradley Tank w/ERA (Re-Issue) Kit

Dragon Military 1/72 M3A2 ODS Bradley Tank w/ERA (Re-Issue) Kit


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Named after General Omar Bradley of WWII fame, the 37-tonne M2/M3 Bradley has been the U.S. Army’s primary Infantry Fighting Vehicle (IFV) since 1981. The M3 Cavalry version operates with a crew of three, plus two scouts. The Bradley IFV made its combat debut in 1991 in the Gulf War with very favorable results and an operational readiness rate of 90+%. The updated ODS (Operation Desert Storm) version of this United Defense vehicle incorporated such improvements as a laser rangefinder, GPS-based TacNav, new gun barrel, and a rearranged troop compartment. The M3A2 has also served continuously in Iraq since 2003, facing the constant hazard of insurgent IED or RPG attacks. To provide further protection, an ERA (Explosive Reactive Armor) kit consisting of 105 box-shaped tiles was designed by GDLS and Rafael, and these are fitted as standard in Iraq.

Dragon has been busily working on a new 1/72 scale plastic kit of an M3A2 fitted with such an ERA kit, the perfect complement to the previously released M2A2. Each of the reactive tiles is fully represented to give the Bradley its unique look and to allow modelers to create a vehicle serving in Iraq. It also offers the special armor added around the commander’s station to provide him with 360^(o) protection. This also includes clear plastic parts to realistically represent this armored station’s glazing. The rear ramp can be shown in a lowered or raised position, as can the TOW launcher on the left side of the turret. As per usual, this contemporary kit also includes a range of photo-etched parts offering heightened levels of detail. This kit marks a new “ERA” for the M3A2 ODS, and it makes the perfect traveling companion to Dragon’s HMMWV and M2A2 kits.
Special Features:

  • New hatch for armored commander’s station providing 360^(o) protection for the commander
  • Clear parts for commander’s armor-protected station
  • Driver’s hatch can be positioned open or closed
  • The rear ramp can be assembled open or closed
  • TOW launcher w/photo-etched details can be assembled in launch or travel position
  • Photo-etched parts included
  • New Cartograf Decal

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