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Dragon Military 1/35 German Feldgendarmerie Soldiers (4) Kit

Dragon Military 1/35 German Feldgendarmerie Soldiers (4) Kit

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Modelers are being spurred into creativity by the exciting revelation that Dragon is introducing a 1/35 scale Maultier Ambulance plastic kit. Now such a fine vehicle needs some suitable figures to go with it in order to create a dramatic diorama. Fortunately, Dragon has exactly the right figures in its repository and these are being re-released specifically to coincide with the Maultier’s arrival.
The two re-issue 1/35 figure sets are No.6061 German Feldgendarmerie and No.6074 German Medical Troops. Interestingly, these military policemen are precisely those depicted on the box-top artwork of the Maultier Ambulance kit. Additionally, the suitability of the German medical personnel to this ambulance goes without saying. These German figures can be mixed and matched into a diorama to create a busy and realistic scene.

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