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Hobby Boss Model Ships 1/700 Soviet Carrier BAKU Kit

Hobby Boss Model Ships 1/700 Soviet Carrier BAKU Kit

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Baku was the fourth Kiev-class carrier laid down by the then Soviet Navy in 1978, but not commissioned until late 1987. All of the ships in this class were designed as a hybrid carriers, with organic anti-surface and anti-submarine strike capabilities in addition to the embarked aviation units. However, Baku was built to a slightly different design from the 3 previous ships, sporting an extensively modified electronics and sensor suite, including a phased array radar and an upgraded weapons fit. Baku has also traded in the 76mm guns and the SA-N-3 launchers for 100mm guns, SA-N-9 SAM VLS, and a pair of SS-N-12's (for a total of 6 twin SS-N-12 Sandbox launchers).

Baku was renamed to the Admiral Gorshkov after the fall of the Soviet Union. After being decommissioned in the mid- '90's, she was purchased by the Indian government and converted to a full aircraft carrier with a ski-jump on the bow(STOBAR - Short Take-Off But Arrested Recovery) replacing the earlier SS-N-12 launchers. Re-christened as the INS Vikramaditya, she entered service with the Indian Navy in 2014.
  • 380+ Parts
  • Upper hull made from multi-directional slide molds
  • Separate sonar due to her sphere
  • 4 Ka-27 & 4 Yak-38  included
  • Photo-etched included

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