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Hasegawa Aircraft 1/32 Bf109E Fighter Kit

Hasegawa Aircraft 1/32 Bf109E Fighter Kit

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When the Messeschmitt Bf109 first flew in 1936 it was, in many ways, the most advanced fighter in the world. The design was continually improved and the first E-models came into service at the start of WWII. The E-4/7 featured a number of improvements developed from combat experience including a revised cockpit canopy, and the capability to carry a 300L fuel tank under the fuselage. The aircraft was used in the North Africa campaign and the type continued in use until replaced by the Bf109F and Fw190 from 1942 onwards.
Decal Options:
  1. Bf109E-4, I./JG2, Maj Helmut Wick, Belgium, October 1940
  2. Bf109E-4, Kdr JG26, France, Sept 1940
  3. Bf109E-3, "White 1", I./JG2 "Richthofen", France, May 1940

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