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Meng Military Models 1/35 Mk.A Whippet Medium Tank w/Infantry Kit

Meng Military Models 1/35 Mk.A Whippet Medium Tank w/Infantry Kit

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The Whippet’s friends are not AFVs. In fact, they are four British infantry figures wearing Brodie helmets. They are produced by the famous Ukrainian manufacturer, Master Box Ltd. Three infantrymen wearing leather jackets are armed with a 7.7mm Lewis M1914 machine gun and Lee-Enfield rifles. They carry ammo pouches and gas mask bags. The machine gunner wears puttees. They are attentively looking at the front. The officer who holds a truncheon and wears an overcoat and leather boots is giving instructions to the three infantrymen with his hand pointing forward. In history, these infantrymen accompanied the Whippet tanks in battles. 

The British Mk.A Whippet medium tank was developed to make up the limited mobility of the British Mk.I heavy tank and to destroy residual enemy forces in the battlefield. The tank was 6.1m long, 2.6m wide and14t heavy. It had a crew of 3. It was powered by two 45hp Tylor JB4 petrol engines which drove one track each. Its top speed could reach 13.4km/h. The polygon machine gun turret equipped with four Hotchkiss MGs was on the rear of the hull. In total, 200 Mk.A Whippet medium tanks were produced. It first saw battles in March 1918. After WWI, it was still active in the conflict areas such as Ireland and Russia. The Imperial Japanese Army once purchased six Mk.A tanks.  
  • Realistically represents exteriors of the real vehicle
  • Machine guns are movable
  • The drive sprockets and drive chains are finely reproduced
  • Cement free track links are included
  • Three paint schemes are provided

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