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Paragraphix Details 1/677 Star Trek: USS Voyager Photo-Etch Set for RMX

Paragraphix Details 1/677 Star Trek: USS Voyager Photo-Etch Set for RMX

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Enhance your Moebius Models' 1:128 scale Seaview model with this extensive set of photo-etched details. At over 150 pieces, this is the ultimate upgrade to an already amazing kit. Made of 0.010" brass. Features: Accurate raised limber holes created from tracings of the original 17' miniature with options to simulate the 8' sub. Replacement handholds with drilling guide. Replacement radar antennae with correct shape for filming miniatures (option provided for installing "as drawn" in the studio plans, or "as installed" in the miniatures) Replacement sail doors to simulate the full sized set, including rivets and the options to show clear windows and/or an open door. Connecting rods for the rudders. Cutting guides (or surface mount parts) for the little-known bottom drain holes. Docking cleats. Girders for the ceiling of the control room. Replacement TV screen for observation lounge. Observation lounge furniture including: Dining table & six chairs. Two side tables. Two easy chairs. Credenza. Video phone. Mini Seaview display model. Replacement control room railings and ladder. Replacement drafting machine for plotting table. Control panels and ladder for the sail bridge.

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