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Revell Germany Military 1/72 T90 Russian Battle Tank Kit

Revell Germany Military 1/72 T90 Russian Battle Tank Kit

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The T-90 is perfectly suited to combat on the modern battlefield. Its three-tier defense system consists of conventional armor, explosive-reactive armor and an electronic jamming system that detects and diverts incoming missiles. Tests of this impressive defense system have concluded that the T-90 is virtually invulnerable to most kinds of ground-to-ground munitions, even at very close ranges. Field reports also show that the T-90 is highly resistant to the threats of urban combat, the traditional downfall of tanks. 
  • New model tool
  • Optional T-90, T90K or T90S
  • Fine surface details
  • Two-piece track which bends
  • Smoke grenade discharger
  • Authentic 12.7 mm NSV MG
  • Reactive armour
  • TSchU-1 Schtora-1
  • Rotating turret
  • Hatches can be shown open
  • Waterslide decals
  • Illustrated instructions

Marking Options:

  1. T-90K, Russian Armed Forces, 2011
  2. T-90S, Indian Armed Forces, 2004
  3. T-90, Russian Armed Forces, 2005

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