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Tamiya Military 1/35 British M3 Grant Mk I Tank Kit

Tamiya Military 1/35 British M3 Grant Mk I Tank Kit


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1/35 scale assembly kit of the M3 Grant Mk.I. This is a British spec variant of the U.S. M3 medium tank. It featured a larger turret than that of M3 Lee Mk.I and was armed with a 75mm M2 gun positioned in a sponson on the front-right side of the hull and a 37mm M5 gun in a turret on top of the hull. The machine gun cupola from the M3 Lee Mk.I was not fitted. Other features included front and rear fenders as well as side skirts. At the Battle of Gazala in 1942, it gave a great shock to German commanders with its firepower as it could score hits from a range at which the Africa Corps' Panzer IIIs could not reply.
  • Riveted hull construction details.
  • 75mm and 37mm guns are movable.
  • You can depict the tank crew figure as either a full body figure or torso only.
  • Belt-type tracks and 2 kinds of decals included.

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