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Unimodel Military 1/72 T34/76 Screened Tank Kit

Unimodel Military 1/72 T34/76 Screened Tank Kit

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The T-34-76 was the original version of the Soviet medium tank, the T-34. It was in production from 1940 to 1944, being replaced by the superior T-34-85 by that time. The difference between the two was the caliber of the gun, being 76.2mm, compared to the -85's 85mm barrel. The design of the T-34 was revolutionary at the time because it capitalized on the use of sloped armor. The increased angle of impact caused some shells to ricochet. The T-34 was one of the most effective tanks of World War II because of its low cost and fast production time, as well as being quite effective, even against advanced German tanks. It is still in service today in over a dozen countries.In Battlefield 1942, the T-34-76 is the Soviet Union's heavy tank. It is often seen alongside the T-34-85. It holds a few major differences to the latter: it can only host a single player that controls the tank and its main turret, as there is no mounted machine gun atop the T-34-76. Being a heavy tank, the T-34-76 has considerably more armor and main cannon power, though is also slower.

The main cannon has 30 rounds in reserve and is very powerful, usually meant for use against other armored vehicles. The co-axial machine gun has 400 rounds in reserve. The machine gun's purpose is to be used against infantry and light vehicles.
  • Detailed exterior surfaces, separate suspension arms, multi-part road wheels (with separate tires), link-and-length tracks, individual supplemental armor plates, separate crew hatches and on-vehicle equipment plus photo-etch parts (grille, pioneer saw and hull MG sponson detail)
  • Painting notes for a typical Soviet tank and decals representing generic numerals and insignia

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