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Unimodel Military 1/72 Dzerzhinets Armored Train Kit

Unimodel Military 1/72 Dzerzhinets Armored Train Kit

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Was built in USSR in March 1942 at Moscow Gorkiy depot of Dzerzhinsky Rail line. It consisted of OV type Armored Steam engine (30-36mm steel) with Air Defense station fitted to tender and four armored with 30mm side armor. Each car was armed with T-28 turret with 76mm KT-28 gun and 6 machine guns (4 in turrets and 2 in the hull). Since summer of 1942 train participated in action on Volchov Front as part of 48-th Independent train division. It defended bridges and stations from air attacks and shelled enemy ground targets. On December 5-th 1942 it received new 1699. In 1944 train participated in braking blockade of city of Leningrad. Train served trough the war and was retired in 1946. Many of it's serviceman were awarded with medals and orders of USSR.

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