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Zvezda Military 1/35 German Anti-Tank Pak 36 Gun w/4 Crew Kit

Zvezda Military 1/35 German Anti-Tank Pak 36 Gun w/4 Crew Kit

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At the beginning of World War II, the German Wehrmacht was equipped with about 11,200 of the 3.7cm Panzerabwehrkanone (or “Pak” for short) 35/36 anti-tank guns. These excellent guns were very effective against the Polish and Soviet light tanks of the early war period, with their light anti-bullet armor. But, these lighter anti-tank guns could not penetrate the heavier armor of the British “Matilda” or Russian T-34 and KV model tanks, which earned these guns the nickname Heeresanklopfgerät (“door knockers”) by the German army.

Nonetheless, the Pak 35/36 was used on all fronts during World War II. It was the primary anti-tank gun of the German army until 1942, before it was replaced by the upgraded 5cm Pak 38. In fact, by March 1945, the Wehrmacht still had 216 of these guns in combat service, and another 670 stored in arsenals. The reason for the weapon’s continued use was it’s excellent mobility (weighing only 432 kg, two men could easily deploy it for action) and its small size, which made it easy to conceal.
- 3.7cm PAK 35/36 gun in combat mode
- 4 soldiers with ammunition box and shells

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