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Zvezda Aircraft 1/48 Bf109F2 Fighter Kit

Zvezda Aircraft 1/48 Bf109F2 Fighter Kit

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The Messerschmitt Bf 109 (often called “Me 109” by Allied pilots) was the standard fighter craft for the German air force during World War II. Because of the plane’s long service and versatility, many different variants were developed. One of variant models was the F2, adopted by the Luftwaffe in 1941.

The Bf 109 F series featured improved aerodynamics, compared to the earlier E models, with an enlarged propeller spinner and an upgraded electric drive for the engine overchargers. A tropical variant was also developed, with improved air filters for service on fronts where dust created problems, including North Africa and the southern region of the Eastern Front.

The Bf 109 F2 was armed with a 15mm MG-151 cannon, which fired 950 rounds per minute and two 7.92mm MG-17 machineguns, firing 500 rounds per minute. It had a maximum speed of more than 600 km/h.

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